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Company  Summary

Somnogen is an early stage pharmaceutical company with its global headquarter located in Toronto, Canada.

The Company aspires to develop and sell products in the rapidly growing India market and beyond. Somnogen specializes in sleep related therapeutic medications and treatments for sleep disorders, such as insomnia.

Sleep is an important issue from personal, societal, and public health standpoints. Somnogen is positioned not only as pharmaceutical Company, but also as a life-style brand. In addition to selling sleep therapeutics, we strive to educate the public about healthy, “well-rested” living.

Treatment of sleep disorders, particularly insomnia is uncommon and the sleep therapy market is reasonably unknown in India; based on our research, the vast majority of the general public remains unaware of sleeping disorders and/or available remedies.

As a sleep focussed Company guided by leaders in the field, Somnogen has the opportunity to establish itself as pioneer in this niche industry. Assuming success in India, Somnogen will use its resources and reputation to expand to neighbouring markets before going global.

Keys to Success

To establish a number of wholly owned subsidiaries, foster joint ventures for the transfer, delivery and uptake of appropriate products and services, and to establish representative offices at strategic locations across the globe which will enable Somnogen to expand rapidly into a truly global player in the pharmaceutical industry. The aim is to deliver concrete value to the stakeholders and promote the development of sustainable market condition for Somnogen.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Somnogen will develop a unique culture thereby giving back is both an individual and society. Such requests will be evaluated on individual basis and resources will be coordinated – including product donations, gifts and grants – to create timely and relevant responses tailored to meet individual, local, national or international challenges.

Green Policy


is proud to be carbon-neutral and engage actively in outreach initiatives with community partners to increase visibility and awareness for socially responsible causes.

At Somnogen, we are committed in reducing our environmental impact through the advancement and use of technology and ensure that the sustainable business practices are one of our top policy agenda. It is our intention to operate our production in an as environmentally friendly way as we can.

Our green strategy and procedures are designed to make all employees, visitors and suppliers aware of their actions and contributions that may make an impact on the environment.

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