All Somnogen scientific research is guided by the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB is composed of eminent scholars, scientists, educators, and administrators, mostly from the fields of sleep research and sleep medicine. Thus the board assures expertise reflecting the full breadth of Somnogen’s products and responsibilities.

The SAB provides strategic guidance and direction for Somnogen’s scientific programs and research initiatives. SAB plays a key role in guiding and prioritizing Somnogen’s global research investment and serves as Somnogen’s non-executive committee. The SAB is governed by bylaws that detail its duties, composition, and operation as well as the election of its members. The SAB is led by the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board and along with its membership of scientific advisors provide broad policy guidance for the company. The entire SAB is comprised of leaders in the field of sleep research and are committed to furthering Somnogen’s mission.

SAB members are appointed on an invitation only basis by the Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board in consultation with the President and Chief Executive Officer. The SAB’s policy decisions are carried out by the President and CEO or the senior representative appointed for this purpose.

An Administrative Oversight Panel will make appointments to the SAB from a list of nominees developed by the Selection Committee. Final selection of SAB members is made by majority vote of the three members of the Administrative Oversight Panel. The tenure of appointment for the SAB membership is initially for 3 years, with a possibility of renewals on the basis of contribution and unanimous voting by the SAB members. The members are nominated by the Scientific Director for a 3-year term, after consultation with the sitting members of the Scientific Advisory Board.

The SAB helps guide the future of Somnogen, lending their expertise and knowledge of the rapid changes in their specific fields, and providing advisement for the research and development (R&D) process at Somnogen.

The responsibilities of the Scientific Advisory Board include the following:
* to review the quality and relevance of the scientific and technical information being used by Somnogen or proposed as the basis for Agency regulations;
* to review Somnogen’s research programs, activities, and innovation plans;
* to provide scientific advice as requested by the Somnogen’s corporate Administrator director, and advise the agency on broad scientific matters;
* Most (though not all) preliminary work of the SAB is done by subcommittees or panels focused on various environmental science topics. These groups are chaired by SAB members;
* Recommendations of subcommittees and panels are transmitted to the SAB for discussion and deliberation. Recommendations are forwarded to Somnogen only if the SAB determines that it is appropriate;
* SAB advises on long- and short-range strategies for research priorities and portfolio development;
* to provide necessary input to ensure that Somnogen’s scientific programs and research and development portfolios (R&D)are of the highest quality and provide optimal support to resource management;
* to maintain an up to date and accurate understanding of scientific issues critical to the Somnogen’s missions;
* to help the leadership in reviewing research proposals submitted in application for funding; to advise on the solicitation of proposals for new programs, workshops, etc;
* to assume a role of scientific and intellectual non-executive leadership for the development of Somnogen; and to make recommendations on the renewal and balance of its own membership.
The Scientific Advisory Board advises Somnogen on the definition of its core activities of research and product development. It also advises on all scientific questions of risk assessment and risk communication. Additionally, it facilitates contacts and cooperation between the Somnogen and other research establishments (both nationally and internationally).

Green Policy


is proud to be carbon-neutral and engage actively in outreach initiatives with community partners to increase visibility and awareness for socially responsible causes.

At Somnogen, we are committed in reducing our environmental impact through the advancement and use of technology and ensure that the sustainable business practices are one of our top policy agenda. It is our intention to operate our production in an as environmentally friendly way as we can.

Our green strategy and procedures are designed to make all employees, visitors and suppliers aware of their actions and contributions that may make an impact on the environment.

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