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Social media allows members of the public to talk to us directly in an informal way. Our social media accounts will often post information about the latest news and events that are happening in our company.

While these profiles are not customer service channels, you might find that one of our subject experts, or another member of the community, is able to help you. If you have an issue that requires action, please contact us through one of the following channels.

We want to stay in touch with you! We plan on posting to Facebook and LinkedIn regularly. Why not follow, like or link in with us on social media? We’d like to ask all our users and fans to go and ‘like us’ and ‘follow us’ on our social network sites, this does wonders for SEO purposes and also a great way of keeping in touch with the project and for real-time project news and updates.

To stay up to date on on the progress of our projects, events calendars, company news and annoucements, research highlights, ask us a question, send us your comments, other benefit from a range of useful resources, special offers and more by following the links below.

So please, go and ‘Like Us’ on Facebook and ‘Follow us’ on Twitter and interact with us and contribute now!

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Corporate Social Responsibility

image Somnogen will develop a unique culture thereby giving back is both an individual and society. Such requests will be evaluated on individual basis and resources will be coordinated – including product donations, gifts and grants – to create timely and relevant responses tailored to meet individual, local, national or international challenges.
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