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Suggestions for Sound Sleep

In any one year, up to a third of us will suffer from insomnia. It might be triggered by a whole variety of things such as anxiety, depression, shift work, eating and drinking the wrong foods, or taking certain medications.

Before trying herbs, check the following:


  • Do you drink tea, coffee or other caffeinated drinks in the evening? If so, try cutting them out after 6pm at night. And watch out for too much alcohol. It might make you feel drowsy initially, but it can cause you to wake in the night.
  • Do you sleep with a light on? This could be affecting your production of melatonin – your body’s natural sleep hormone. Try sleeping in total darkness.
  • Do you watch TV last thing at night, or work on a computer? Try winding down before bedtime by having a warm bath, a milky drink or camomile tea, and don’t use a screen or watch TV for a few hours before bedtime.
  • Do you exercise regularly? If not, incorporate exercise into your daily routine, as research shows that those people who exercise regularly sleep better. But don’t exercise just before bedtime.
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