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Improve your general ‘sleep hygiene’

  • Establish a regular routine in the evenings, your brain works by pattern matching (the present against the past – conditioned and/or instinctive)
  • Avoid doing anything stimulating late in the evening.
  • Making love may seem stimulating, however the hormone oxytocin, released after orgasm, helps to sooth you.
  • Listen to a ‘guided’ meditation/relaxation tape/CD – such an easy to implement natural sleep aid.
  • Listen to relaxing music – slow classical (Baroque, roughly 80 beats per minutes) or ‘New Age’ music.
  • Do not stay in bed any longer than about 20 minutes if you cannot sleep; your brain will establish the pattern: bed is for laying awake!
  • Get up and read a boring book preferably standing up (not a joke!) or do the very chores that you have been putting off because they are so unpleasant.
  • Having your feet higher than you head facilitates relaxation – this natural sleep aid may not be to your liking if you are not comfortable laying on your back
  • Take regular exercise – vigorous by day, slow and rhythmic in the evening (not too close to bedtime) – it really is one of the very best natural sleeping remedies.
  • Take the time to sleep, don’t just fit it in. You need roughly eight hours, but don’t get hung up about it – you can survive on less.
  • Stressing about how long you are sleeping will counteract any other natural sleep aids you are employing

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