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Deep into Sleep

image Lack of sleep impairs performance on a wide variety of tasks. A single all-nighter can triple reaction time and vastly increase lapses of attention.

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Pupillometric assessment of sleepiness in narcolepsy

Purpose: Excessive daytime sleepiness is highly prevalent in the general population, is the hallmark of narcolepsy, and is linked to significant morbidity. Clinical assessment of sleepiness remains challenging and the common objective multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) and subjective Epworth sleepiness scale (ESS) methods correlate poorly.

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Physiological function of sleep

For long, the physiological function of sleep has not been clear. In most people’s mind, sleep is associated with rest and time for mental regeneration. Restorative, protective and energy-conserving theories of sleep have been quite popular until quite recently when it became apparent that one long-lasting sleep episode with suppression of consciousness does not seem to be the right way for the evolution to tackle depleted resources, toxic wastes or energy conservation (e.g. your muscles do not shut off completely to get rest). The critical function of sleep is dramatically illustrated in experiments in which rats chronically deprived of sleep eventually die (usually within 2.5 weeks). See: Is REM involved in memory formation?

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Improve your general ‘sleep hygiene’

  • Establish a regular routine in the evenings, your brain works by pattern matching (the present against the past – conditioned and/or instinctive)

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Suggestions for Sound Sleep

In any one year, up to a third of us will suffer from insomnia. It might be triggered by a whole variety of things such as anxiety, depression, shift work, eating and drinking the wrong foods, or taking certain medications.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

image Somnogen will develop a unique culture thereby giving back is both an individual and society. Such requests will be evaluated on individual basis and resources will be coordinated – including product donations, gifts and grants – to create timely and relevant responses tailored to meet individual, local, national or international challenges.
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