8 Preset Styles – Preview Live

View all styles live by appending ?presets=preset# or &presets=preset# to the end of your URL such as

In sequential order, Preset 1 - Preset 8. Please click on the image to load a live example of each style variation.

Preset 1 Preset 2 Preset 3

Preset 4 Preset 5 Preset 6

Preset 7 Preset 8

Preset Styles

Access the Style Control settings from Admin Dashboard → Tachyon Settings → Style.

The below options can be customized together, so you can have a dark or light header with any color selection that you desire, for example.

There are 10 accent and menu pill styles to choose from, which you can mix and match with the other options.

Simple configure the options, then save and Gantry will automatically load the modified preset to your site.

  • Body Level: High or Low
  • Header Style: Dark or Light
  • Header Link Color: MooRainbow
  • Menu Pill Color: Default, Blue, Brown, Dark Grey, Dark Orange, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow
  • Body Text Color: MooRainbow
  • Body Link Color: MooRainbow
  • Accent Style: Blue, Brown, Dark Grey, Dark Orange, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow
  • Footer Style Dark or Light
  • Footer Link Color: MooRainbow

A preview of the formatting of these parameters can be seen in the screenshot to the right.

Other Style Options

  • Module Hovers: On or Off
  • Read More Style: Button or Link
  • Fixed Header: On or Off
  • Web Fonts: On – Off; Google Font Directory
  • Font Settings:
    • Font Family: Tachyon, Geneva, Optima, Helvetica, Trebuchet, Lucida, Georgia, Palatino, or Various Google Fonts (dropdown)
    • Font Size: Default, Extra Large, Large, Small, Extra Small (dropdown)

Assigning a Style to a Specific Page

With Gantry, the ability to assign a certain style to an individual page has never been easier and/or more efficient. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Admin Dashboard → Tachyon Settings
  • Create new Override
  • Choose a content item you wish to assign a different style to
  • Select your preset of choice from the Preset Styles dropdown
  • Configure the Settings area to your personal preferences
  • Save
Gantry Framework: Per Override Controls

Style Configuration

Gantry makes style customization simple:


Per Override Styles

Note: Gantry allows you to configure all options, on a per override basis. For example, you can assign Preset 2 to one page and Preset 4 to another.

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