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Product Strategies

Role of Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) in product selection strategy.

Somnogen will operate in accordance with the strategic objectives of its stakeholders, and with clear operating principles. In the coming months, Somnogen will select projects through a demand-driven process. Such objective will be achieved through three principal areas of activity:

  1. The identification with partners of opportunities to match products and technologies with problem identified by the scientific advisory board (SAB) – resulting in the development of product concepts
  2. The development of these opportunities into fully specified project plans
  3. The implementation of these plans by facilitating, managing, and monitoring of the plan activities

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Corporate Social Responsibility

image Somnogen will develop a unique culture thereby giving back is both an individual and society. Such requests will be evaluated on individual basis and resources will be coordinated – including product donations, gifts and grants – to create timely and relevant responses tailored to meet individual, local, national or international challenges.
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