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  • For a brief introduction to sleep disorder, go to Wikipedia .
  • If you're interested in what may have caused your insomnia Click here
  • If you've been prescribed a medication and would like to find out more about it or about medications for sleep in general, Click here
  •  To read an evaluation of the various sleep disorder cures, including insomnia Click here

Have you been told that you (or a relative or friend of yours) have a sleep disoder? This Web site is designed to give you the unbiased information you need, and to help you find the right doctor and medical center to cure your sleep disorder. It also hopes to inspire you through the personal experiences of those who have had sleep disorder and been cured.

This site is designed primarily for non-medical personnel and is written from a patient's point of view. This Web site tries as much as possible to translate medical terms and research into everyday language. Medical journals are cited, however, if you would like to read a particular article yourself. Footnotes are linked to the article’s source in the References section.

(Note: The authors of this page are not medical doctors. This site is not affiliated with any medical school or health-related organization).

This section of the website has been the layman’s unbiased guide to current sleep disorders treatments and cures. With information, education and the latest research developments in sleep medicine, our mission is to empower you to find your sleep cure.

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An adverse event is any change in health other than the intended therapeutic effect that occurs in association with the use of a pharmaceutical product, whether or not the event is thought to be caused by the product.

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